Modern Warfare 3 Sucks

Yep.  I said it.  Modern Warfare 3 officially sucks in my opinion.  Standby and I will give my reasons.

I bought the game the day it came out, although I do not see the need to get it at midnight since Wal-Mart carries it at 8:00 AM also.  Maybe I am just not that hardcore.

For those that know me, my main purpose for having an XBOX is the Call of Duty series.  Ever since World At War, I have been hooked.  I went back and purchased Modern Warfare 1 because I enjoyed it so much.  I have bought multiple copies so my wife could enjoy them with me.  I feel I have given the game a good chance, even after numerous frustrations.  So here are my gripes:

  • Nasty quick scoping has returned.  I have spent many matches turning a corner and being on the receiving end of a quick-scoping headshot.  Most of the time the so-called sniper has been sitting in the same spot the entire match, which transitions nicely into the second point: camping.
  • I have read complaints that the maps are small, which they feel relatively the same size as previous CoD games.  My issue is that the maps are so complex that there are many avenues for campers to find a nice dark corner and rack up kills.  Usually after I have been “camp killed” a couple of times I will manage to make it back and kill the camper. Nope. This leads into my next gripe point: lag.
  • I understand the game has only been out for a few weeks and I understand the concepts of Internet connections, bandwidth, and hosting capabilities.  I have been in far too many matches where I am dead before I see an enemy round the corner.  With previous titles, I would have good games and bad games but it feels like 99% of my matches end up with my Kill/Death ratio around 0.25.  I do not claim to be the best player in the world but if you ask anyone I usually play with I can hold my own.
  • The single player campaign was way too short.  I beat the single player in four hours.  I cannot say how I fared on the other games but this felt very short and very contrived.  The story line was very disappointing and game play did not leave me on the edge of my seat unlike Black Ops.

Overall, the Infinity Ward team left a sour taste with me on this release.  I have an OCD when it comes to beating games.  Other than the original Modern Warfare and below, I have achieved the highest prestige and highest rank on all.  I have beat the single player on veteran.  This game will not join those ranks.  Between this and the 15 prestiges of the last game, I do not have the motivation for continuing the Call of Duty series.

That is not to say I will not purchase the next one as I really enjoy the Treyarch line with their great story line and the fact that they are on top of ensuring their product is quality. That is also not to say you will not see me online playing MW3 but I will not have the same passion or urgency to complete the multiplayer aspect.  In fact, I may move back to Black Ops to get my fix of merciless death and destruction. But as of right now, Modern Warfare 3 sucks.

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