Happy Memorial Day?

The question mark is not a mistake.  It has always struck me as a curiosity that today people would greet each other with “Happy Memorial Day!”

To me, Memorial Day is a somber day to remember our fallen veterans.  Their sacrifice is a sad, but sometimes necessary, part of preserving our way of life.  I will be the first to admit I did not attend any memorial services.  I prefer to remain private and remember in my own way as most services seem forced and quite a few in attendance either do not understand nor care as to why they are there. For those in question, their lack of caring is apparent by their incessant need to fiddle with their phones, hold unnecessary conversations, or give looks as if they are being inconvenienced during the pledge or moment of silence.

I may be confusing “Happy” with “Appreciation”.  Maybe others saying “Happy” is an expression of their appreciation of those who served valiantly so others may have their freedom.  While I am happy for my freedoms, I appreciate them more since someone I will never know or whose family I will never meet gave everything for the American Way.

Today, it does make me happy that people will put aside petty differences to celebrate our military and veterans.  I can only hope my few years of service contributed to the greater good.  My thoughts and prayers are with our uniformed men and women.  My thoughts and prayers are with their families and the families of those for whom today was dedicated.

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