Happy 2 months…

… to James Peschke.  Lots of interesting things going on.  All of which have left me with little time to update.

I have all but given up Facebook.  Twitter is much more interesting.

The biggest problem with blogging or tweeting is feeling limited in my freedom of expression.  Freedom of Speech does not mean freedom from consequences.  If you talked to me in person, you might not believe I am hesitant in expressing myself.  Here on the Internet, everything is recorded and saved.  Not that I will be running for political office anytime soon.

I have enough hassles than dealing with my son’s teacher or someone from work taking issue with my rants.  So the key is to find some happy medium to blow off steam and keep myself out of trouble.

As soon as I find a good Captcha plugin for WordPress, I’ll be enabling comments for feedback.

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